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What databases are available to alumni/ae off-campus?

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Please Note: Request access to the databases listed below by completing this online form.  Instructions for access will be sent once alumni/ae status has been confirmed. All databases can be accessed on-campus but most licensing agreements restrict off-campus access to library resources to any groups other than current faculty, students, and staff of the University.  Some vendors offer their data... read more

Can I study at your library if I do not attend Cairn?

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Yes, Cairn is open to visitors and resources are available for in-house use.  Please have a valid identification card (state issued, no copies please) with you and check in at the Front Desk.  Parking Lot E is beside the Library and has been set aside for visitor use. ... read more

What are the library hours?

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Masland Library hours are posted here.... read more

Why can I not login to MyAccount or access Library resources with my nine digit ID number?

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Your patron barcode is 14 digits.  If you only have your 9 digit ID number you can add 25800 to your ID number.  Therefore, if your ID number is 000-99-9999 your library account barcode is 25800000999999.... read more

I need a book but cannot come till tomorrow, can you hold it for me?

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No, there is a first come, first serve policy regarding library materials.  Only items on order or currently checked out can be placed on hold.  When the item is available, it will be placed on the hold shelf and you will be notified by email that the item is ready.  The item remains on the hold shelf for one week.  If you place a hold on a checked out item, the patron who currently has it checked... read more

Can you tell me if you have a specific book, journal, CD, or DVD?

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You can search the library catalog at http://encore.cairn.edu.  This will search all our physical items as well as most of our electronic holdings. ... read more

Is the Library open on commencement Saturday?

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No, the Library is not open on the Saturday of commencement.  Complete hours over commencement weekend can be found here.... read more

Where can I go to fax?

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The library's fax machine is located at the front desk.  A library staff member will assist you in the sending of your fax and payment is expected upon sending. Local number fax: $0.25 per page Long distance fax: $1.00 per page International fax cannot be sent As an alternative, you can scan a document using one of the copier machines and send as an attachment via email.   ... read more

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